Salesbod Instructions

Once you have checked out from our ​website, you will get an email from ​Salesbod thanking you with a link to set ​your password.

From there, please:

1. Download the Chrome Plugin in the ​Google Chrome Store.

2. Pin it to your Chrome browser.

3. Log into the Salesbod Assistant

The icons down the right hand side of the ​Salesbod assistant are there to make ​things easy for you.


4. Choose between ChatGPT (default) and BARD:

Chat GPT Now has our custom Bing Integration so results are in ​Realtime

Google Gemini has good information, albeit a little dated.

Once this is done, go to any website or person on Linkedin that you ​are trying to prospect.

Eye icon - provides a 'Point-of-view' summary of the company or ​individual

Email Icon - create a tailored email to that company or individual

Question Mark - create Discovery questions in your chosen mode and ​sales method

News - recent news summary

Financials - financial summary of the company

Hiring - hiring summary of recent open reqs

Executive - summary of recent executive announcements

Statements - summary of recent financial press statements

Performance - summary of the companies financial results

Copy Icon

At any point, you can copy the output and paste into another ​document.

AI Chat

At any time you can just pose any question to ChatGPT or ​BARD by typing your question and hitting send:


Same log in credentials as you used for the salesbod assistant.