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About salesbod

The founders of salesbod has been running sales teams for many years.

One of the big issues with running sales teams is operationalizing elite selling behavior.

elite sellers do three fundamental things better than the rest:

  1. Preparation. preparation is key and so many salespeople fail to do it at all. you need to prepare a thesis around the company and executives you are trying to sell to. this enables you to create a point of view (POV) before you even get on the call. this prep sets you up for success.
  2. email content. what are you going to say to grab peoples attention and cut through the noise. the amount of manual time spent here is amazing.
  3. discovery call questions. what are the right questions to ask that align with the sales methodology of choice? the thing is, you cannot script a good discovery call.

we built salesbod to provide you with the information that an elite seller digs out of a prospect to align your solution to their problem.

salesbod is not trying to do the selling for you, we are tying to make you better - elite!